Planning Your Next Event.....Having A To Do List Is A Must

Knowing What You Want Are The First Steps And If You Don't Hire A Professional That Can Help Get Your Vision In Order!

Easy Creative Treats

My son graduated from kindergarten so I had to think of something easy and fast to do and what better  way to send the whole class off  with a sweet treat and a sure to be agreeable happy note along with it, that I know all the kids would love lol and of course they loved it (^_^)

I am so in love with these flowers are grown in the form of birds and insects...

Imagine them at your next event in a wonderful bouquet, as an arrangement on a beautifully decorated table or whatever your little heart desires...just be creative with it and your guess will be amazed. ;)

Flying duck Orchid

Dove Orchid

White Egret Orchid

Bird's Head Orchid

Bee Orchid

The Monkey Face Orchid

The Parrot Flower

The "Barbie Is Moving" Event

Haven't been posting on my blog Been very very busy...but On June 30th here in Philadelphia Barbie 's Mobile Home made it here and I was elated (because of my love for Barbie ^_^) to see a great turnout and they did not disappoint at all...Here are a few pics from the event sorry can't giveaway them all cause I have a few Ideas  for a Barbie Party that I'd like to use for some party ideas so sorry can't share...not  just yet any way (^_^)

The Truck That Brought It all There To Create This wonderful Event

The Party Inside Barbie's Mobile Home Was Fab!

Life Size Lego Poodle Dog And Boom Box Hairbow 

Face Painting

My Goodie Bag ;)

Inspiration Of The Day-***Holiday Party***

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